Animal Sculpture Wood Carving Lamp Led Light

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Animal Sculpture Wood Carving Lamp Led Light

Animal Sculpture Wood Carving Lamp Led Light

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Animal Sculpture Wood Carving Boxwood Silhouette Lamp Wolf, Bear, Moose, Eagle

A modern style of wooden ornament that is finely crafted with hand.
· Material :  Boxwood

· Size: 
- Bear: 18cm x 10.5cm x 2.5cm(7.1"x4.1"x1")

- Elephants: 19cm x 16cm x 2.5cm(7.5"x6.3"x1"), 11cm x 8cm x 2.5cm(4.3"x3.1"x1")
- Eagle: 18cm x 14cm x 2.5cm(7.1"x5.5"x1")
- Moose: 18cm x 14cm x 2.5cm(7.1"x5.5"x1")
- Horse: 17.5cm x 13.6cm x 2.5cm(6.9"x5.4"x1")
- Wolf: 16cm x 14cm x 2.5cm(6.3"x5.5"x1")
- T-Rex: 18cm x 16cm x 2.5cm(7.1"x6.3"x1")
Triceratops: 22cm x 11cm x 2.5cm(8.7"x4.3"x1")

· Colour:  Wood
· Type:  Wooden sculpture and LED Lights
. Battery operated . Button battery included.

About this Item
· Handcrafted sculpture
This product is consisted of several handmade pieces of silhouette, as it's designed with a shape of a wild animal. The finished sculpture perfectly brings out the scenery of the nature. How beautiful to set up an exquisite animal lamp on your nightstand table. The low-energy led light comes with a warm and soft glow and shows off the gorgeous silhouette. The different lamp comes with different content of sculpture as each one shows the most natural habitat of the wild animal.

The size data is measured manually, due to different measurement methods, errors within 1-2cm are considered normal.

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