About Us


Dap Style is a life style brand that specializes in exotically unique, fun and outstanding styles. All our products are custom hand made to to order. We print, cut and sew all our products individually. We do not mass produce like other companies. Once an order is placed, we start production of that item. This gives us the freedom of making our products to the highest quality and standard, as we focus on each product individually while reducing waste by mass production. We also have production partners all around the world in Canada, USA, Europe and China. We have hand selected our production partners considering ethical Labour and environmentally friendly materials they use. All our products go through a quality check before they are shipped.

We offer luxurious products at affordable prices. We started this company to bring you products that make you feel happy and elevate your style. As we grow we would like you to be in this journey with us. You can follow us on our social media accounts and get featured on our pages by tagging us. If you have any suggestions, concerns or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us @ info@dap.style

We are also looking for brand ambassadors. Earn 10% for each sale you refer to us through your private link that we provide. Click on Become Ambassador on the bottom of the our website and support us in our journey..


We print

directly on garments

We cut

exact measurements

We stitch

and sew by hand

We ship

for free world-wide